Maintenance and advice

We give a reliable, strong product and to a simple use. However, and to give constantly satisfaction, he(it) requires a minimum of care namely: before closing the device, verifying that O-ring are exempt from dirts (dust, sand, hairs or other one).

During the dumpings of the deposits of water also containing of the earth , some sand and especially some salt (during high angle shots at sea), form outside of joints. To avoid that these particles fall inside the lamp it is necessary before any opening to proceed so: hold the device vertically, the part to open below, to unscrew the ring glazed of one half - tour the joint still making waterproofness and wash under a clean water jet.

Fall then completely always by keeping the part to be opened below. To wipe the part thread with some paper arranges or of the clean cloth without removing the fat which if finds. 
Remove periodically joints, as well as their seats, clean them and the graisseravec of the fat in the silicone.
Be wary of covers of protection: they are nests with sand and by aging they fray: risks of entrances of water!
After a while of not use, the opening of the device can turn out difficult: warm the case, near the glazed ring, with one sandbank - hair during two minutes and then fall.

Check( Control) regularly the state of the block accumulators. It is possible that, inadvertently, some water is inside lamps. This carries in the oxidation of the metallic envelope of the cells which causes, afterward, flights of acid which can damage electronics and cases. Here are two typical cases during refills: 
On boats or circulate divers with overalls and objects temperings; in kitchen domestic and the cellars of the villa which can be saturated by humidity which condenses during the high angle shots in cold waters.

During the ageing of cells(units), duration of lesser lighting, do not hesitate to replace them to avoid any flight of acid. Watch,
also, not to let them pass off totally during the long storings; a refill every three months is desirable.

During a transport (plane, boat, car) and to avoid an inconvenient ignition it will be careful to remove bulbs or to separate
the batteries of Leds

Use the chargers which are delivered with lamps. A not adapted charger damages accumulators where from premature ageing of these.
The automatic chargers are very practical, light and take little room. However they do not load(charge) the 100% accumulators.
To make it it is necessary to take out the grip(taking) of the index card of the network when green LED of the charger is lit and to reinsert her to restart the refill ( red LED).